We are a collective of writers

who believe that anyone with a ​message to share can and should ​write and publish a kick-ass book.

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For writers who are determined to succeed.

We call them Hungry Authors.

These writers want to and will be published. They take feedback ​well and don't shy away from hard work. You will find their butts in ​chairs and fingers on keyboards. They believe in their ideas and ​know they will impact others.

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Meet the founders.

Ariel Curry is a writer, editor, ​and book coach with over 10 ​years of experience in ​traditional publishing.

She enjoys brainstorming and ​mapping new book ideas, ​bringing clarity and purpose to ​prose, and helping authors ​build their self-efficacy. She ​lives in Chattanooga, TN, with ​her husband and a growing ​menagerie of pets.

Liz Morrow is a traditionally ​published ghostwriter for ​entrepreneurs, thought leaders, ​and business experts. Though ​she has experience in every ​piece of the pipeline - including ​book ideation, planning, ​positioning, editing, and ​marketing - writing has always ​been the part she loves most. ​She lives in Greenville, SC, with ​her husband and two children ​and goldendoodle.

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